About Us

The Vision ~ A Better Roofing Company

Concentrating on the values, experience and team work, Keith Schmidt and his crew set out to create a better roofing company. Schmidt Roofing Systems (SRS) was created in 1999 and has been in successful operation since. Keith has applied his years in the military and 10 plus years in the supply /manufacturing to bring the vision and the plan together. A roofing company committed to values and excellence. We are Schmidt Roofing Systems (SRS)

The Plan ~
Assembling a Successful Team

After seeking out and finding employees that shared his same values and commitment to excellence. The company motto has become “Do it the Right Way” To this day all foreman have been with Schmidt Roofing Systems (SRS) since start of business in 1999.

Keith Schmidt –  “I wanted my business model to be very low over head with sufficient crews with employees that could multi task this cost saved in return would benefit the end result the customer.”

At Schmidt Roofing Systems (SRS) we take pride that our team concentrates on one customers at a time building a lasting relationship with each customer. Schmidt Roofing Systems (SRS) has re-roofed over 250 properties throughout the United States. Each was completed on time and our client’s expectations were not only met, but exceeded. This is accomplished by focusing on customer service and attention to detail on each project. At Schmidt Roofing Systems (SRS), we look forward to doing business with you!